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Using pyvenv with virtualenvwrapper

After reading that it might be possible to use virtualenvwrapper with pyvenv, I decided to fire up a couple of virtual machines and to find it out.

Travis, Mock, different Python versions, and an afternoon of frustration

My plan was to quickly set up Travis CI for Subvenv and then move on to other projects. Instead, it came out that I couldn't have been more wrong and I ended up instead in an afternoon of frustration.

How to release your code (aka Git tags)

After spending quite some time working on your side project, you feel that it is finally good enough for going public. Releasing sounds like a super neat idea, but how do you do it?


Subvenv 1.0 is out! What it is, why I wrote it, and why you might want to use it.

Provisioning Vagrant with Ansible

Vagrant is an amazing tool. However, one thing that bugged me was that provisioning scripts preparation still required me a fair amount of time and trial-errors attempts. Switching to Ansible allowed me to make my life easier and provision times shorter.

Some great reading resources about GPG

A bunch of pretty awesome reading resources about GPG and cryptography.

How to encrypt a removable disk in Ubuntu 14.04

Most of the guides on how to encrypt a removable disk in Ubuntu still refer to Ubuntu 12.04. Here's how to do it in Ubuntu 14.04 and to cope with the changes it introduces to the disks manager tool.

Anaconda VS SublimePythonIDE

When I was looking for a python code linting plugin for Sublime Text 3, I stumbled upon several blog posts mentioning either SublimePythonIDE or Anaconda. The problem was, however, that a comparison between the two was nowhere to be found, so I ended up trying both.

Hello Vagrant! (aka development environment made easy)

If you don't use Vagrant yet, you should. Here's why.

Setting up a dotfiles repo and easily port configurations around

How I set up a repository containing my setting and configuration files and delegated the task of creating symlinks to the computer.