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Xmonad keybindings and media keys

How to set up keybindings and make media keys work in Xmonad

Exploring xmonad: Getting started

The first of a series of articles about exploring xmonad and trying to wrap my head around Haskell.

Make pyenv and pyright play nice together

If you use pyenv local, Pyright will not automatically pick up the correct virtualenv. Here's an explanation of why it happens and how to work around it.

TIL: strip does not do what I think it does

It turns out I have been using it wrong for all this time!

Going full in with Neovim

Goodbye .vimrc, hello lua.init!

Learning vim in 2022

I decided that in 2022 I would learn Vim, here's how it went.

Managing multiple Git identities

How to manage multiple Git identities on the same machine

How to resolve screen flickering in Arch

How to solve screen flickering in Arch when using Intel graphics and systemd-boot

Oh btw, I use Arch

Somehow I ended up on Arch and so far I'm liking it.

Switching from Ubuntu to Manjaro

After many years on Ubuntu I decided it was time for some distro hopping and I gave Manjaro a spin.