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Make pyenv and pyright play nice together

If you use pyenv local, Pyright will not automatically pick up the correct virtualenv. Here's an explanation of why it happens and how to work around it.

TIL: strip does not do what I think it does

It turns out I have been using it wrong for all this time!

Travis, Mock, different Python versions, and an afternoon of frustration

My plan was to quickly set up Travis CI for Subvenv and then move on to other projects. Instead, it came out that I couldn't have been more wrong and I ended up instead in an afternoon of frustration.


Subvenv 1.0 is out! What it is, why I wrote it, and why you might want to use it.

Anaconda VS SublimePythonIDE

When I was looking for a python code linting plugin for Sublime Text 3, I stumbled upon several blog posts mentioning either SublimePythonIDE or Anaconda. The problem was, however, that a comparison between the two was nowhere to be found, so I ended up trying both.