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Provisioning Vagrant with Ansible

Vagrant is an amazing tool. However, one thing that bugged me was that provisioning scripts preparation still required me a fair amount of time and trial-errors attempts. Switching to Ansible allowed me to make my life easier and provision times shorter.

Anaconda VS SublimePythonIDE

When I was looking for a python code linting plugin for Sublime Text 3, I stumbled upon several blog posts mentioning either SublimePythonIDE or Anaconda. The problem was, however, that a comparison between the two was nowhere to be found, so I ended up trying both.

Hello Vagrant! (aka development environment made easy)

If you don't use Vagrant yet, you should. Here's why.

Setting up a dotfiles repo and easily port configurations around

How I set up a repository containing my setting and configuration files and delegated the task of creating symlinks to the computer.

Installing virtualenvwrapper for Python 3.4 on Ubuntu

Virtualenvwrapper is a great virtualenv management tool. Here is how I set it up for Python 3.4 on Ubuntu.